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How It Works

Should you find someone's belongings you often have no way of returning them to the owner - now you can thanks to Supremecoat's Lost and Found' recovery service!

Supremecoat enables customers to securely tag and register their most treasured belongings from pets to mobiles, cameras, laptops, keys or luggage - so that if lost, they can be reunited with their owners quickly and hassle free.


A few easy steps to follow

Once you receive your new tag, you will need to:

Step 1: Register
By going online and create your account with us. We will keep all your contact details safe and secure.

Step 2: Attach
Attach a Tag to the property you wish to protect. This ID is used to identify your property if it becomes lost.

Step 3: Assign
Assign your unique Tag ID to your account so we can contact you if the Tag is found.

Add a Buddy (friend or family member. Your emergency contact)
We suggest you add a buddy to you profile so that in the event your item is found and we cannot reach you, we are able to alert someone else.


Changes to your profile

Your Profile is completely secure and free to change at any time - so if you change your mobile number, or move house remember to keep it up to date!


Lost and Found. How it works

If someone finds your property for example your car keys, the finder will contact the Lost and Found service will send out a contact text or email to the owner. The owner can then choose t contact you directly to get the property home, or our call centre will call the finder and arrange things. Also, if we cannot reach you, we will automatically notify the additional Emergency Contacts (Buddy) that you provided within your profile.


Either way the owner is contacted fast and their lost property can be returned

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